Giving Space and…

…finding space.

I have never been very good at either in any type of relationship (friend or romantic). I like being around the people in my life. I am always up to do something fun and often initiate the plans. One of the bigger realizations I have had is not getting mad when someone doesn’t want to come do whatever I plan. I realized it’s not because they don’t like me or the plans – they have their own life and stuff to do sometimes. I know that sounds so stupid but it was not an easy thing to realize and still isn’t sometimes. Giving people the space they need isn’t my forte. Taking the space I need isn’t my forte either. Admitting I sometimes need space is hard, most of the time I don’t really know it’s what I need or would do me good. I have great friends and great love, but still it’s nice to be alone from time to time- for everyone. I need to remember to give my people their space as well as take some for me. I feel it’s a lesson I will keep learning, but being aware of it is a good path.

Interesting read about it below!

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