A Sense of Purpose…

…has given me hope for a new window opening after all the closing doors.

This past couple of week I have felt I have a new sense of purpose again. I have been getting more shifts at work which has been really nice. Helping people and providing them with a fun and educational experience during a time when folks really need it has been really nice. I am always surprised with how good that feels (not matter how long I have been doing it). I got another part time job which is going to be super fun and fulfilling (I hope). I will tell you more about that after it’s firm. I have been getting more interviews and inquiries which gives me a lot of hope. I still haven’t heard from the listing I SUPER want, but I have hope about it. If not, another window will open I am sure. It’s great to feel a little hope and optimism again. That sounds kind of sad but it’s true. Getting into a set workout routine with goals has helped tremendously as well. My body is tired and sore but in a good way. It is also helping with my self body image. I feel better about myself which is great. Do I really look better? Who knows, who cares. I feel better and for right now that is more then enough. I look forward to more windows opening with the closing of other doors.

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