Readjusting to The Grind…

…and the longest commute I have every had.

I now have two part time jobs that I am trying to make add up to one full time job (without benefits). I LOVE my second part time job. It makes me feel happy and fulfilled again, and I haven’t had that in what feels like an eternity. It is back at the core of what I love about my line of work. Teaching people about cool animals and instilling important conservation methods (previously it was history, not animals but same idea). The people are wonderful and they actually offer paid training time. It’s amazing. I love the whole vibe. AND the provided me khakis and many other uniform pieces – so nice not to spend my money on dumb khakis. The only downside is it is pretty far away; 55 minutes is about the fastest I get there with no traffic. It is not a particularly difficult drive – just long. I hope that it does not wear on me over time. Anyone have tips for reducing the stress of a long commute?

I am readjusting to the ‘rise and grind’ again after the year of pandemic quarantine life. I like being back at it but it is an adjustment to be sure (especially for my doggo!). I have to keep a color coded calendar of what job I need to be at when. It helps my brain keep it straight. I am also trying to figure out how to fit RIPPED into my new schedule. Definitely wanna keep my muscle up. The new job is pretty physical too which helps my fitness but not my workout motivation. After a physical day and a long drive I am not super motivated for a high intensity workout. I will find a balance I am sure. It’s just my new reality and frankly I like it most of the time 😉

Anyone else out there taking some time to re acclimate to the grind again?

Rise And Grind Memes -

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