One Challenge At a Time…

…to put your damn mask on in day.

My Sundays have become a mix of both my jobs and a long ass day. I woke up at 3:45 am to be in Escondido at 5:45 am to race to my other job in Dana Point as quickly as possible to be done working around 3:30 pm. I decided instead of looking at the day as a whole I just had to take it one challenge at a time, starting with getting up lol. It’s a challenge at that time. I took on my day like this and it went well. Just complete the task in front of you rather then the whole day at once. At my second job and I noticed people really dropping the ball on wearing masks. I had to ask folks to put on their mask or remind them how to wear it properly. I started to feel like I was doing more of that then actually teaching. It was met with annoyance and arguments – ‘I am vaccinated’ well I am not and a lot of people still aren’t (I get my second shot on Thursday), ‘No one else was in here’ – um ok but see all the stuff you’re breathing on that a bunch of other people touch? yeah you gotta wear that mask, ‘but we are outside’ – well you are on a campus with other people so put the mask on. This lax type of attitude, using being vaccinated as an excuse to do anything without thought to others who are still vulnerable, and thinking this pandemic is over is what will set us back. Do you want to quarantine again? I don’t. Put the damn mask on! Also, if it isn’t covering your nose, it isn’t effective. Do you use condoms with holes in them too? Cause that doesn’t work either. Put the mask on and wear it right – you know what proper mask wearing is by now. We all do. Home stretch y’all – let’s do it!

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