On Opposite Schedules Again…

…and it sucks.

My dude and I are back on opposite schedule with my return to work. I work every weekend – he’s off every weekend. I get up early and leave – he works late. I go to bed early, he goes to bed late. He told me the other day that he sees Marty (my dog) more then he sees me. And he’s not wrong. This is how our relationship is/was on the regular. BUT during covid we got a lot of time together and it made us better. I am worried we will drift apart. He forgot I would be in the bed this morning (it’s my day off). I totally get it. It just made me really sad. He is so sweet and lays down with me at night until I am sleepy. I know it is what it is and we both have to work. It just worries me, and I miss him. That sounds silly because I see him everyday, I just don’t get to spend the time with him without everything else going on anymore. Not sure if there is an answer or if it is just the way it will always be.

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