Second Vaccination Today…

…and I can’t help but be a tad nervous.

I am not afraid of needles and I do not think there is a tracking device in the vaccine (who comes up with this shit?). Also, we all already carry around at least one tracking device at all times, our phones. Shit, at this point put an iPad in me as long as I get movie theater popcorn with peanut M&m’s mixed in again. I miss the movies so much! I had a sore arm and slight fatigue with the first shot. So I don’t expect any crazy side effects. I am happy to weather the side effects to gain the benefits for me and those around me. If this is just a preview of COVID symptoms then COVID must have been real bad. I am sorry if you experienced COVID or had a loss due to COVID. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get vaccinated. I am grateful for my new place of employment that offered everything possible to encourage and allow the employees to be vaccinated. In 2 hours I will be fully vaccinated and in 2-3 weeks I will be reap the rewards. I will keep you all posted in how it goes. I am still hoping for super powers of some kind.

Does anyone else think it’s just so cool that Dolly Parton was a major funding source of the vaccine? She is freaking awesome. More about that in my next Role Models in the Public eye segment 😉

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