Holy Freakin’ Body Aches…


Shot #2 updates – felt fine all day yesterday but had some body aches before bed. Woke up and assessed myself. Body aches but thought I could push through it for work. Got up and got coffee. The body aches were getting worse and every once in awhile a random ache transforms into a sharp, stabbing pain. I decide it’s time to call out for the day because I can’t go more then 10 minutes without having to breathe through the body aches. I feel it’s the best option Because I’d rather they call in someone who will be able to stay all day then trying to be super tough and having to bail half way through. I also don’t live close to work. Like an hour at best not close. I don’t want to not be able to get home and I feel like I couldn’t drive there and back safely. I still feel guilty though. Maybe they’ll hold the call out against me later. Which is silly, they gave us time to use for the second shot. I just can’t help but feel that way. My anxiety I guess. Now marty and I are watching say yes to the dress and breathing through the body aches. I took Tylenol because that is what you’re allowed to take. Tylenol sucks. I could take the bottle of Tylenol and not feel anything.

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