Do NOT Psych Yourself Out…

…and ruin opportunities.

I have an interview coming up for a job I REALLY want and I find myself analyzing then trying to talk myself out of the hope of getting the job lol I am psyching myself out and I have to stop. I am going to ruin the opportunity before I even try for it if I keep analyzing. I will continue to prepare to the best of my ability, but I can only do what I can do. At some point, it is out of my hands and that is okay. What is not okay is freaking myself out to the point I am a babbling idiot in the interview. Talking myself out of all hope isn’t great either, because then I might sound like I don’t want the job and I DO! I figured writing all this out might help it jump outta my brain and soothe the anxiety and psyching myself out process. Getting my nails done as a distraction/relaxation method in a bit. How do you stop yourself from psyching yourself out before a big interview?

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