Audible with Andrea…

…’The Midnight Library’

Just finished the ‘Midnight Library’ by Matt Haig and read By Carey Mulligan. I really enjoyed the idea that one can try out different lives. The lives can be drastically different or just a little. Big and small choices shape our lives and that is what I took from this story. How you are feeling about yourself in a moment shouldn’t define your life. There are factors and effects of our lives we may not see or even realize are happening. It’s all about your perspective. ‘Never under estimate the importance of small things.’ Never under estimate the effect of your life and the small things you do on others. How we are all woven together, even in our apartness. You have just as much effect not being in someone life as you do being in it. Your path helps set other people’s just as they help set yours. The idea of the multiverse outside of comics was also interesting. Nora being invite versions of herself but always feeling like an imposter was particularly interesting. She always felt bad for taking another Nora’s life for awhile, when really all the lives are hers. Overall, I recommend it. Thought provoking to be sure.

After all, ‘the only way to learn is to live.’

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