Being Nice To Horribly Rude People…

…is really draining.

We all have to do this very often, mostly at work. People come in and are horribly rude it’s really hard. Maybe they are having a bad day, maybe they want free stuff, maybe the just hate they way my face looks. Who knows? But it’s really hard to keep the customer service face on sometimes. When someone is so awful to you, usually for rules or prices you didn’t make, its really hard not to take it to heart or head. It’s really hard not to lose your cool. Let’s all try our hardest to try kindness to resolve issues rather then resorting to anger. Especially when taking our anger to the internet. Do we need to abuse small businesses and those work there on the internet? Is there something else we can try to resolve issues first? I am just asking society as a whole to try kindness first. I can say from personal experience, that kindness gets you so much farther in these situations then anger. Give it a shot, see what happens 🙂

Something I've learned, being a customer service representative for a year  | Funny memes about work, Work humor, Work quotes funny

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