Role Models In the Public Eye…

…Jazz Jennings!

This lady is AMAZING and open and honest about herself and who she is at any particular moment. She invited us all into her life at a young age to advocate for trans youth. At such a young age she filled a role model slot that needed filling. This took bravery because I know it had to have come with a lot of hate, criticism, and small minded bigotry. Not only that, but a definite risk to her personal safety and well being. We saw only small glimpses of this on her show ‘I Am Jazz.’ I am sure it was the tip of the iceberg.

Jazz is all about being who is she is right now and I respect that so much. What inspired me to make her the feature of this post was her latest post about her weight gain. She didn’t shy from it like she is supposed to be ashamed. She embraced it and took accountability for her own health and let the world know she is getting healthier for her and no one else. That is AMAZING. I am so tired of feeling like I can’t be over a certain weight or have to hide it with clothing or only posting certain photos. She owned it and put it out there. She is authentically herself and it’s awesome and inspiring and I love it. I aspire to be even a little like that.

She is also a big advocate for mental health awareness. She has been pretty open about mental health battles with depression. She opens up and let’s us all know we aren’t alone and it’s okay to be out authentic self. If that doesn’t make you a role model, I have no clue what does.

Some fun facts for y’all

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