I Thought About Not Writing About This…

…but that’s not what we do here.

It was bad and it was all my fault. It makes me look and feel terrible. BUT this blog is about honesty with you and myself and the world so here we go.

Moved to San Diego (I keep meaning to write on that and other things keep happening). I am on the second floor and I love the place. Moved Marty in and stayed with him for a few days, then I had to go to work. For two day everything was great – then day 3. I left the windows open (screen closed – glass open), so that he would have fresh cool air. HUGE mistake. He tore open the screen (he could access it from on top of the couch) and JUMPED out the window. How do I know this? Thank god I got a pet camera. I saw him jump. I tried talking to him through the camera and stop him but he jumped. I ran out of a meeting with my Director and drove home as fast as I could. I was SO scared. I thought at best he’d have huge injuries and there was a good chance he was dead on the pavement. Suffice it to say I was not okay. But I just had to get to him and asses the situation. I pulled up and saw him walking around the courtyard. I was relieved to see him alive but was still certain he had injuries. I ran into the courtyard and assessed him. He was happy to see me and gave me the ‘Hey mom what’s up’ eyes. I looked all over him and squeezed (not hard, but firmly) all of his limbs and abdomen for signs of pain or injury. He showed no signs of pain and seemed completely normal. I thought to myself ‘thank god’ but didn’t really believe it. I scooped him up and we headed to the emergency vet. I wanted him thoroughly checked out for possibly internal injuries. Adrenaline could be hiding something crucial.

We arrived at the vet and had to wait four hours to be seen. That was okay by me because that meant he wasn’t in immediate danger by his initial exam by the tech. This was a tough four hours because I kept seeing emergency cases rushed in and animals in bad shape (as well as their owners). Marty and I tried to comfort the owners the best we could. One poor pup didn’t make it. His pet sitter was so upset and his family was on their way. It was not easy to watch, so kuddos to the people who work there and live it every day.

We get seen by the vet and he is examined and got an ultra sound for good measure and he is perfectly healthy. FREAKIN MIRACLE that I am so grateful for. Now, I cannot get the image of him jumping out a second story window out of my mind. It keeps replaying and I wanna cry every time. This was on me. It is my job to keep him safe and I failed. I FAILED BIG TIME. So now I need a new plan for him being in the apartment alone. I wont fail him again – who knows how many miracles I get in my lifetime? I need to do better. I love this dog so much, the thought of him being hurt makes me sick. Safety assessments in progress. I will keep you posted!

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