Was Thinking About What To Write On Today…

…and it came to me in a meme.

I have wanted to write for a few days now, but I never want to force an entry. I don’t want to write something fake or stupid or not important to me (even if it is kinda stupid in the end lol). I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw this post and it spoke to me.

For real though! How can we do all of this and have any sort relationships with anyone. Does anyone out there actually get 8 hours of sleep? Especially you all who have chosen the path of parenthood. Do you get time to do your stuff ever? Anywho – everyone we need to stop trying to do everything everyday. We have to stop feeling bad when we fall short of all the shit we are ‘supposed’ to do in a day. The past two evenings I binge watched a reality TV show and I have no shame. It was interesting and relaxing and I liked it. I didn’t unpack a box, but I did start the dishwasher and unload it. It’s all about balance y’all – which we suck at. I know it – you know it. We grind and grind then lose our shit and take a break. Let’s mix the breaks in so we don’t have a nervous breakdown on a regular schedule. I am starting a new saying – let’s grind and swirl. That saying represents balancing working hard and having some fun. So do it with me – RISE GRIND AND SWIRL baby.

Can someone out there make a meme of that for me? I lack those talents.

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