After the Incident…

…Marty is not to be trusted at home alone.

So I am going to attempt to crate train my 7 year old dog. I cannot risk another incident like him chewing through the screen to and jumping out a second story window. Yes, I can fix that issue by closing all windows, but what else haven’t I considered that he can get into or hurt himself on? Plus the windows give him fresh air and keep the apartment cool. So, we are going to try crate training. I have done extensive reading on how to crate train an older dog and we will just see how it goes. If it works and he feels safe and secure (he loves sitting under a table so I got one that looks like an end table) then great. If he hates it and it doesn’t work then I will come up with something else. If anyone has any tips, let me know.

I am also going to get him pet health insurance. I wavered on it but after the incident, I definitely am leaning towards yes. If something like that happens again and is worse (please dear lord no) I know that I can cover it money wise. I can afford the monthly premium now so I will likely do it. He’s my baby and deserves all the best treatments if he needs them.

UPDATE: Marty now has pet insurance through Pet’s Best! Reasonably priced with good coverage. I feel a little better and more protected that he will always receive the best care (not that he wouldn’t of but now less financial worries about it).

Check them out:

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