Guilt Is a Stupid Emotion…

…I decided today.

Emotions are crazy things. Happiness (emotion not life destination), anger, love, jealousy, and all the others I get. But guilt – stupid. It is self indulgent. I was thinking it’s a way to do something when you really can’t do anything. But maybe its your inner morals just letting you know its still guiding you. Maybe its just me but guilt is exhausting. I would rather feel almost anything else. Guilt over takes you and makes you small and kinda stupid. It almost prevents you from owning up to what you did too because if you feel guilty you can tell yourself you are a good person still because you feel remorse. But you knew what were doing. You can feel remorse without guilt. I think that will be the goal from now on. Real remorse for mistakes rather then self indulgent guilt to feel better. Just remorse and fixing what you did.

Guilt can also be used against you. When someone knows you feel bad and they put the screws to it. They can see your guilt which can be manipulated. Remorse is harder to play on because it’s genuine and not looking to feel better – its looking to repair.

I am not even sure where this is coming from. I don’t feel guilt or remorse right now. I was just mulling it over in my brain and that’s what I thought.

Any of this making sense? What do you all think?

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