Role Models In the Public Eye…

…Simone Biles and the entire women’s gymnastics team.

Not only is Simon Biles the GOAT but she is an advocate for her own mental health. She knew her limits and communicated them. She put herself first and its AMAZING and so, so strong (physically and mentally). I don’t know why anyone is criticizing this move on her part. She isn’t willing to kill her mental and possibly physical health for medal. She is the best (and doesn’t need a medal to prove it), we all know it, and now she’s even better. Didn’t think it was possible but here we are. Also, I am seriously considering trying the Athleta Brand because they stuck by her and spoke to how wise her choice was. I can’t imagine the pressure on her. Just WOW. That is mental trip I never want to take.

This brings me to the rest of the womens gymnastics team. They supported Simone in her decision, respected it, and stepped up. They are AMAZING. Jordan Chiles crushed events she hadn’t even warmed up. I mean damn! Way to show up. They earned a silver medal and that is so awesome. The media keeps portraying it like “they lost the gold’ ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They won a silver medal at the Olympics. They crushed it. I read something that said they hope America still loves them. Well I am here to say I love you and am DAMN proud of that team of women. ALL OF THEM.

People have been posting the Kerri Strug injury and how horrible it was that she was basically manipulated into competing with an injury that wound up ending her gymnastics career. People called it heroic, and it was, but it shouldn’t have been asked of her. She should have been prioritized over a medal and a coaches career (that didn’t end with that injury).

Simone Biles made the choice that was right for her, her teammates supported her, and they all won a silver medal at the Olympics. All amazing results.

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