I Will Choose You Every Time…

…was my realization this morning.

I was sitting here working after a wonderful weekend and I had this sudden feeling wash over me. I would choose you (my dude) every time. No matter how hard we have to work at it and no matter what fight we happen to be in over something that matters or doesn’t – I choose you you – every time. I choose to work for it because you are just it. I have decided that with certainty. I am sure it wont be easy and I sure we will both want out in the heat of moment, but know I am always here and will always come back after our cool downs. I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE. I will always want to work it out.

I have no idea what came over me with this realization, we aren’t in a fight or anything and had a great weekend. Maybe it was just the love and support I felt this weekend. But figured I would just put it out to the universe and you.

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