If You Have a Dog…

…and your new landlord doesn’t allow dogs – DON’T LIVE THERE.

I see these dogs put on adoption websites because the owner is moving somewhere that doesn’t allow dogs. WTF?! Live somewhere else. I would live in my car with my dog if I had to before I gave him up. Let me rephrase that – I WOULD NEVER GIVE HIM UP FOR ANY REASON EVER. I would alter my life to make it dog friendly and I would do it gladly. If he was sick I would sell an egg or a kidney or whatever it took to pay his vet bills. I have this crazy love for this little living being and he has crazy love for me. He depends on me for his life essentials and I agreed (and am very happy to) provide that for the rest of his life or mine, whichever comes first. I will do whatever it takes. Why, why would you just give a dog up. Change your life to fit your dogs life or don’t get a dog or anything pet and definitely NEVER have kids. It really grates my cheese in case that didn’t come across.

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