The Thing About Being A Sensitive Person Is…

…some things people say hurt, they don’t realize it, but you can’t say anything.

You can’t say anything when you’re feelings are hurt because more times then not they will tell you that you are being too sensitive or taking it too personally. Whether they mean to or not, they invalidate your feelings. So you keep your mouth shut because just taking it and internalizing your hurt is easier then being accused of being too sensitive one more time. It especially hurts when the comment seems to come from no where. Everything is good then you’re sniped at and just wow, you can’t believe it. Your seemingly good day/morning turns into something not only hurtful but also smothering your own feelings and then it’s bad in a whole new way because you are once again not allowed to be who you are because who you are is bad or wrong or not line with what others think is normal.

Just needed to let those feelings leave my body. Thanks for listening/reading. High five to all the other ‘too sensitive’ people in the world.

The good ones who know you though always realize it and you work it out. That’s how you know the good ones. They have their shit too and you just gotta make your shit work together. That’s the key!

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