I Am Worried For The Women…

…and most of the people residing in Afghanistan.

I have been reading about the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan and have only scratched the surface. I am by no means an expert, but one thing I know for sure is I am so worried for the women residing there. All the progress of education, work – even being able to leave the house without a make escort – all gone. A life of oppression and fear looming over their heads. I was reading one woman’s account of the morning of the take over and how she got up like it was a normal day, went to work, and was literally run out to save her life. No cab would pick her up because she (and her friend) were women with no male escort. How they ran through the city until a kind person picked them up to try and get them home safely. Safely and safety in general is not a concept they get to have anytime soon and I am so worried for all of them.

What can I do? No, I am really asking. Does anyone know what I can do (if anything)? That is information I have not been able to find. I will keep looking.

I have since seen this as simple ways to start helping


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