I Have Had Plenty of Stress Dreams But Never…

…exhaustion dreams. That was a first last night.

I am so exhausted. Seriously. I know there are people with a lot more physical jobs then I have and who probably work a lot more hours then I do, but wow am I tired. Working 6-7 days a week just wont sustainable for me. Last night I dreamed about how exhausted I am. Seriously. I think I woke up more tired then when I went to bed. It was a great day followed by a night of unexpected and harsh criticism that to me, came out of nowhere. I spent a lot of my night feeling like I got in trouble for nothing and be frustrated about that. Sometimes I feel like all I do is stuff wrong and apologize to everyone. All the time. I just need a little support for supports sake. No strings attached, no retaliation.

Oh well. Off to work.

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