Not A Great Month For…

…Women, is it?

I haven’t written in awhile because the happenings in the world, but particularly Texas, make no feasible sense to me. Where the hell is the supreme court? Why is this being permitted to happen? Why does the world care so little for women lately? They are worried about potential life, splitting cells, rather then life that is in existence. Not even just that woman’s, but the child those splitting cells become. Once it’s a child it’s the mothers problem and she better figure it out without any help? For a child she knew she couldn’t care for or even asked risked having in some cases. When they straight up say “I can’t do this” and you ignore their plea for splitting cells rights? What about her rights? Because she exists and has a uterus, she doesn’t count. A rapist has a shorter prison term then a woman seeking a medical procedure. Does the rapist pay child support? I doubt it. Does the rapist pay reparations for abuse…definitely not. It’s bull shit – utter and complete bullshit. This isn’t a sides thing, this is a human thing. How about all men receive a vasectomy that can be reversed when they have proven their capable of providing and can full understand consent? Nope, because a penis shouldn’t be controlled – only a uterus. Oh and controlled by the penis’. MMMMMMM makes sense for sure (can you hear the sarcasm?). I am so glad I didn’t get that job in Gilead….oh whoops I mean Texas. Please for the love of God, let Texas secede and leave this country. Can we force them into secession?

If you say my body my choice about masks you have no room to talk since you stole the slogan from the pro choice movement. Hop on home stumpy.

Scary, wrong, terrifying stuff.

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