It Was a Great…

…Strides Against Breast Cancer.

Strides Against Breast Cancer is once again complete. This is my 4th walk and its great every time and terrible every time. It felt a little less terrible this time though. How could such a wonderful event be terrible? Well it’s only terrible for short periods because it brings me back to my mom’s treatment. It educes tears almost immediately – seeing the folks currently fighting, those who have survived and saddest of all those who are no longer here to fight. (I am crying a bit just writing that sentence). I will do these walks for the American Cancer Society for as long as I can because they matter. The ACS did so much for my mom when she was in treatment that a little fundraising and a few tears is the least I owe them. I highly recommend it and Relay for Life. Both crazy inspiring. Doesn’t hurt that pink is my favorite color either. Marty did this walk too. It was his first as far as I know. He did great despite the crowds and long walk on little legs. It also meant a great deal to me that a lot of my coworkers turned out to walk. It’s early and cold but totally awesome and worth the effort to do it.

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