I Don’t Seem To Want…

…the things that everyone else wants.

Does that mean something is wrong with me? I don’t t want to work and be overworked until the day I keel over from it. I want to pack up Marty and my dude (if he wants to go)and hit the road in an RV and see everything. Everything people consider once in a lifetime things. Especially National Parks and small museum that most people wouldn’t consider worth stopping for. I want to sit and breathe in different air from different places. I want to read for fun and watch TV and not worry about my weight. I want to be able to just be me. I want to not worry that I don’t want all the things other people seem so happy with like mortgages and babies and stuff Don’t get me wrong; I am so happy that all that makes them happy. It just isn’t what I want for my life. so the question becomes how do I get to what I want? That is what I need to figure out.

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