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‘The Last Gradaute’ by Naomi Novik

The Last Graduate by Naomi Novik | Audiobook |

I was very glad to have the same narrator back from the first book. ‘The Last Graduate’ was an enjoyable listen, but not quite as compelling as the first one. I am not even really sure why – just didn’t grab me as much. It was still a really fun listen though and I recommend. El continues her journey through the Schoolamance as a senior. It is nice to see her interact with her newfound group of allies and friends and how that changes. It opens her up to more of her mom’s influence and her light side. SPOILER ALERT – Don’t read farther if you haven’t read or listened to the book yet. The twist that the school is actually trying to protect them is cool. Too much falls to easily into El’s lap though to lead her there. I enjoyed the Lou came up with the plan that would ultimately save almost everyone in the school. That was nice redemption for her too from being a mild malificer. Her worry over family pressure to gain through bad ways is relatable as is her conviction to not give into it. We see Orion struggle a bit which is hard because I like him. The addition of Precious is awesome. She never really addressed why El’s mom warned to ‘keep far from Orion Lake’ though which made me frustrated. Maybe next book. With Orion making the ultimate sacrifice for El (and everyone) now that he felt he had something to lose (a future with El), perhaps her darkness comes out in trying to save him in the next book? That is my prediction anyway. Could El be pregnant like her mom was? Maybe – but that would be predictable. It would also make going on a rescue mission much more tricky. I suppose we will just have to wait and see… I can’t wait for the third book in the trilogy!

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