I Have Now Heard It All…

…until the next mean thing.

I work with people, so I have heard some crazy, mean crap directed my way. I thought nothing would beat a woman coming up to me after a presentation to let me know that my “Voice is so damn annoying,” but I think it might have happened. “I look forward to your failure!” WOW, okay, hold up. Like I get we disagree here (even though yanno science and logic are on my side here), but that seems DRASTIC. I don’t think rooting for people to fail is ever okay. Takes some kind of twisted person to throw that out there and wish failure on someone else, especially something with good intentions. It just seems so unnecessarily nasty and mean and wicked.

We all go through things. I have no idea what this persons life is like. Maybe it was just a bad moment and I was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Maybe they have nothing better to do with their time. I suggest either just deleting the email and continuing with your day or writing a calm reply simply saying you don’t agree and please remove me from this list.

Treating others with kindness is key and my entire goal. I want to be the anti this person. I want all people to just speak with kindness. You can still get your point across and not be horribly rude.

Let’s wait and see what tops this one. I took almost a decade to top the lady telling my voice is horrible. So I am glad it took some time. That’s a good sign.

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