Felt Like A Responsible Adult…

…until I realized that the amount of money I will have in my retirement account will fall woefully short of what I will need to retire hahahaha.

I was thinking wow how much money will I have by the time I retire based on what I have now and how long it took me to get that much. So I ran the numbers and it looks like my retirements will be much like my life – on a strict budget with not quite enough to live comfortably. It was not nearly as much as I thought. I know a lot of that depends on how the stock market is doing at any given moment. I am running some high risks atm to increase my money. It is just a but worrisome. I don’t need to panic about it just yet, but I am also just not that young anymore. Every time I ponder money I think what happened to that five year old girl with the plan to marry a rich guy, divorce him to get his money, and smoke cigarettes. She had her shit together and was a great plan maker. Gotta channel her some more hahahaha

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