After Binging “Ted Lasso…”

I FUCKING LOVE IT (imagine that on Roy Kent’s voice).

If you haven’t watched it – stop reading now SPOILER ALERTS.

The season 2 Christmas Episode is my favorite – so good. They address mental health and the cheeriest person you know suffering from it. The person trying to hide it is the one suffering behind the scenes. Not saying Ted isn’t a positive person, I am saying watch those who put positivity so far out front that you can’t see what is behind it. Most of us do it. After finally facing and working with his anxiety and panic attacks a trusted friend tells the world for Ted to be ridiculed. 1) Can we move past a world where there is this stigma with mental health? It is like any other imbalance – if your arm was broken you would fix it. If your hormones are out of alignment you fix it. Mental health isn’t any different. Why is the world making seeking help with mental health a sign of weakness or something bad? It’s not. It’s brave. 2) I might hate Nate more then any other TV character ever. Seriously – fuck that asshole. Grow up. You have shit with your friends you talk it out. 3) LOVE Roy Kent. Love him.

Seriously though – good show. I highly recommend you give it a watch. I know late to the Ted Lasso bus but I am on board now. Can’t wait for season 3.

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