Does Money Actually…

…buy happiness?

Its a tough question. If you say yes, you’re a dick but your honest. If you say no, you’re a ’good person’ but you’re a liar. I will never be rich in my chosen profession. I am okay with that because I feel like I make a difference. A tiny one but still a difference in the world for the better. I knew that going in. More money would make things easier its true, but not making much money has just thrown a wrench into my happiness. A conversation with my dude lead to talking about why he is hesitant to move forward in the relationship which lead to an admission that money mistakes of my past and not making much money makes him hesitant. A very real part of my brain understands that. It took time and mistakes for me to learn how to responsibly handle money. That I totally get. BUT the fact that my chosen career and its relatively low pay make him question spending his life with me is something I haven’t been able to shake. I always pictured my person being proud of what I do for a living and maybe even thinking its cool. Not having it be a reason not to live a life with me. Money seems to be a higher priority for him then it is for me. No judgement, but Is that something that will end this relationship? Its a core value, so maybe. I am proud of what I do but it might not be enough for him. That thought makes me really sad. its been nagging at me all day so now I am putting it out into the universe and out of my head for now, I hope.

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