The Power of Chicken Nuggies…

…to brighten your day.

It’s a dark day in the Raetz household -has been for 21 years. My Grandpa died on Valentine’s Day 21 years ago. Just about 6 months after my grandma did. My Grandma’s death was sad of course, but really she had been gone for a couple of years. It was a release from pain and suffering. My Grandpa was apparently sick but didn’t tell anyone, so it felt very sudden to us. When I think back it was really the beginning of the end of my nuclear family. It really is when things began to unravel. Took a decade to fall to pieces – but that is where it started. I cried last night – I cried a lot. That was my allotment for this anniversary. Doesn’t make the day easier. My dude sent my chicken nuggets for Valentines Day and it really made my day better and easier. We worked on trees in the park today and that is always physically demanding. The nuggets perked me back up to finish my work emails and few other tasks. So thank you, it may seem small but it was big to me. That is the magic of chicken nuggies to turn your day around (or at least brighten it up).

What Does Nuggies Mean? | Slang by

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