I Tried So Hard Not To Write This…

…but daylight savings time is terrible!

I know, I know…you are sick of me writing the same post twice a year. I tried really hard not to and to get on board with the time change. Yes there is more sunlight in the evenings. But, what if you are a morning person?! You have less sunlight. I am walking my dog in the dark again. It’s harder to get up because it’s pitch dark when I need to get up. There used to be a bit of sunlight to help wake my booty up. I go to bed later and it’s harder to get up. This daylight savings thing is so stupid. Particularly, if you grew up not participating in it. Let’s say in Arizona. I know there are so many larger world issues right now and I shouldn’t complain about something so trivial, but it’s annoying.

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