I Feel Weak…

…cramps and bloated on my first day of my period and I am expected to act normal.

Why do I have to act normal when I feel anything but. Women are supposed to suck it up and not let anyone know I have my period. Why is this something we need to hide and pretend like it isn’t happening? It hurts, I feel weak and off all because of my period. And we soldier through like we feel great. Well I don’t and I don’t feel like hiding it anymore. I wanna lay around and chill but I gotta hustle. That’s the standard that’s set. So how do we change the standard? Sorry but most dudes won’t know the hormone flux and the shitstorm is causes. A lot of them won’t recognize or even discuss anything period related. How do we change that? Maybe everyone being on the same page will change the standard. I don’t know. But I do know I should get some chill time when my period causes the shitstorm. And everyone else too. Cramps are real real right now.

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