This is Why I Don’t…

…watch scary movies!

I like Sebastian Stan. I read the description which said it was a dark comedy about modern day dating. It looked dark but I didn’t think it was gonna be that dark. Why is this movie trying to ruin Sebastian Stan for me? And weirdly he was still pretty charming in it. it’s called Fresh. I am telling you so you know what to avoid.

I don’t watch scary movies because things tend to stick with me. If I had know it was a true horror movie, I would have skipped it. Now I’m freaked out!

I am reminded of the thing I saw about people with anxiety rewatching the same shows over and over because we know what’s going to happen. It’s so true. I am now anxious and switching to the shows I know that don’t give me anxiety.

I really hope this horror movie doesn’t stick in my brain forever. The house of wax stupid horror movie with Paris Hilton still sticks with me. It wasn’t even a good horror movie. It’s the part where Jared Padalecki got waxed over but was still alive because you saw his eyes move but he was a wax guy now so he’d just die slowly of starvation or dehydration or whatever. That was over 20 years ago!

And that is why I hate horror movies.

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