Always Say Too Much…

…or too little. Never the right amount or thing.

I have been thinking a lot lately about I never seem to say the right thing. Mostly, I just say whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it’s great and other times it’s really not. I do need to learn to filter, but I don’t necessarily dislike that about myself. I know that is probably bad but it’s true. I do feel bad when I say the wrong things though to random people or people who don’t deserve it. I don’t mean to be cruel or overstep or betray trust – I just say what’s on my mind at the time. If I have ever done this to you, I am sincerely sorry. Just know I trust you if I did. I trust you know I am good person at more core who thinks you deserve my honest truth. Some folks will never see it that way though; I get that and it’s okay. Those folks probably wouldn’t enjoy my company anyway. My conclusion is, I gotta be me, but maybe have a better filter sometimes.

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