Small Acts of Kindness…

…and a second cold for the season.

I am sick – AGAIN. Usually I get one good cold per year and I am done. Not this year. I am sick yet again. Generally feel tired and horrible. Muscle aches like crazy. Stupid cold. When I worked with kids, I had the best immune system.

Also, small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness are the best. I appreciate them so much. I had to hop on my phone for a work zoom and my dude got my charger so my battery wouldn’t die. I didn’t ask or it – he just brought it. My roommate always turns on the lights at night when I zoned into a show so I don’t hurt my eyes. She also always makes the vegetables for our dinners. My mom was online shopping and bought me a top 🙂 My work fam is full of small acts of kindness. Tons of folks have donated to my Volunteer Appreciation dinner. Just brightens my life and makes me smile. Pass on the small acts of kindness. You never know who they make all the difference for. I have said it before and I will probably say it again and again. It’s important in my world 🙂

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