I Can’t Wait For…

…this week from hell to be over.

It’s been one of the most stressful and challenging weeks I’ve had in a long while. Y’all know I tested positive for Covid at the worst possible time. Missed the volunteer dinner I spent a lotta time organizing and dumped all the day of work on my awesome coworkers. Lots of guilt from that and giving my guy Covid. We are quarantining together which feels like early pandemic lol one of my favorite volunteers passed away which is horrible. Might miss my nephews first trip to Disneyland. Have 3 days to decide to renew me lease and for me and my dude to figure out our next steps in the relationship and living together. It’s all sooo much and such a roller coaster of emotions and bull shit. Also, I feel like I’m having harder time breathing today and I’m not sure why. Like it’s tiring my lungs out to do it. It’s so weird. Still have my taste but anything that isn’t sweet tastes just a little off. It’s so strange. Marty is pretty happy I’m home all day though hahaha so at least someone is having a good Time this week. But the week is almost over…thank god. Next week has to be an improvement right?

I am definitely so grateful for all the folks I work with though. That’s a plus of the week.

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