I Am Really, Really Trying…

…but with the return of Brain Fog on top of just being exhausted all the time, I am not doing a great job at life. I am trying to push through it. I am trying not to complain too much (except on here). I am trying to do my best job at home and in my personal relationships. But I feel like I am failing miserably at it because I can’t focus on anything and even when I can my body is usually to exhausted to carry whatever it is I need to do out. It’s extremely vexing (been listening to the Bridgerton series on audible so I am mixing my language hahaha). Today has been on of the hardest days yet with the lasting side effects. I am so tired I could just burst into tears. The brain fog coming back does nothing to help it. Here’s hoping I don’t fuck up too much today and that tomorrow is an improvement.

Update: my Diet Coke tastes wrong which is a lasting side effect too. I don’t mind that as much tho.

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