Audible with Andrea…

…An Offer from a Gentleman by Julia Quinn.

I wanted to continue the story without waiting another year for another season of Bridgerton to come out. If you haven’t at least heard of the Bridgerton series on Netflix then you likely don’t read this blog. this book focuses on Benedict and was a nice break from Anthony’s sense of duty and whining about it (I love Anthony, it just got to be a bit whiny). Benedict has a little more freedom but is seen a little less. He isn’t in line to inherit any title but it still wealthy and well known as a Bridgerton rather then Benedict. That is until Sophie shows up. Being invisible herself as a bastard she gets it. It is very much a play on Cinderella (Big Ever After Vibes) which I think we are all kind of over, but the strong female character in Sophie helps. She never needed or asked to be rescued. She is savvy and smart – just dealt a bad hand. It was a satisfying listen and I recommend it. The only annoying part was how the narrator voiced Benedict. Kinda weird. But a small blip in an enjoyable read. LOVED the continuation of the story was the added chapter. I always want more of a book and to check on the character. I loved that Posey was the focus.

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