A Fun New COVID Long Term Symptom…

…but why?

We have talked about the fatigue, which is still present. We have talked about Brain Fog – which is actually getting a little better. We talked about my taste being off – this seems to be getting worse. The new side effects are lose of appetite and diarrhea. Yeah I said. The symptom of anything that no one wants to talk about in polite society. But everybody poops right? I didn’t want to eat last night but I thought it might help with my muscle fatigue today. So I talked myself into dinner. I thought what can I have that’s is sweet (sweet is the only flavor that tastes remotely as it should) but has protein and settled on mini corn dogs. I put those in the airfyer and grabbed some chips. I slathered the mini corn dogs in honey mustard and got them down and only had a few chips (if you know me you know only having a few chips is basically impossible for me. I love chips). About an hour later felt like I had a rock in my stomach. Woke up and had a Kodiak protein waffle (love those too). It was satisfying because it didn’t taste right. I also burned it but I couldn’t taste it so who cares. I have been in digestive pain ever since. HOW am I still developing symptoms? Not like my COVID case was particularly serious – wasn’t hospitalized. I guess I am just a lucky winner of long term symptoms. On the plus side I have lost a few pounds. Always a silver lining right?

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