Anxiety Settling in My Chest…

…and that’s a tough thing to quell.

Anxiety of any kind isn’t great and right now mines sitting in my chest. It’s making me short of breathe and I can feel it tingling beneath my skin. So many reasons for the anxiety right now that I can’t boil it down to just one for you. I do know the person who could help and be my white knight chooses not too. It would be hard to and put them out of their comfort zone and they pretty much live in their comfort zone. That’s not to say that’s a bad thing it just might not suit my life. Then I remembered I don’t need a f*cking white knight. I know how to ride a horse. Just need the chest settled anxiety to pass. It’s been a rough couple of days. Anxiety enduring to say the least.

I try to write about anxiety as it’s happening for a few reasons. 1) makes me feel better to put it somewhere aside from my body 2) people without anxiety can read it and have a small idea of the true effects 3) so people experiencing anxiety know they aren’t alone or weird. I feel you. I’m here for you.

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