Sometimes I Fail…

…that is the hardest life lesson I learn over and over.

I wrote a grant for work and ended up being kind of in trouble for writing it myself. Turns out I didn’t make it to the finals. I really wanted that one to prove I am a good grant application writer. Truth is – I still think I am. Now, other people will point to this to tell me I am not. Hurts a little to be sure. I just need to remember that sometimes we all fail. It’s how we learn and a vital part of life. How do you enjoy your successes if you do not first have failures? How do you know you improved and worked for it? Again- it sucks to fail – but I wont let myself drown in it. Fall down seven get up eight. Just gotta keep getting up. It is a little harder right now because it has been a long and rough week. But that happens too. Day by day step by step I am moving forward with the hope that next week will be better.

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