I Wish I Was Half As…

…creative as a lot of my friends.

I have such a talented community of friends. I find it so amazing! I wish I had even a fraction of their talent. I have listed them below so you can appreciate their awesomeness as well. Maybe even support them 😀 They are not only talented artists and crafts people, but wonderful human beings as well.

After Dark Candle Co.

SO many cool themed candles!

I love the personal touches on these candles. I have the Mermaids one (we all now I wanna be a mermaid despite my tendency towards sea sickness) and it has a sea star on the top! The one pictured above has an Axe. They are spooky themed so great for Halloween but also year round. I have sent them as gifts to several people who love them as well. My friend Andrea makes them (yes we have the same name).

Here and After Art

Artist – MaryEllen Hackett

Amazing artist and bad ass Park Ranger. Do you really need to know more?! She also created my main art for this page. Check her art out! It adorns all my walls and shelves.

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