Space for Silence…

…how important is it and where to apply it.

I did a workshop on race today and noticed that people spent a lot of the time they were prompted so speak in silence. The moderators allowed them the space for their silence. I know it’s a tricky topic but if someone is putting on a workshop for me I want to try to participate. But is participating for the sake of participation worse then silence? Where else does this question apply? I have been having a lot of trouble in my relationship. I want some space for silence. To figure out if I really still want to work this hard for the rest of my life for love. I know that relationships are work but should they be this much work and this hard and this heartbreaking? I just don’t think so. Every time we try to work it out, it goes south within a week. I just need some silence to try to figure some things out. But that is generally frowned upon in a relationship. Space and silence in any situation can be interpreted in so many different ways – it’s hard to tell sometimes what is best. It’s hard to communicate when you need it and it’s especially hard to give someone when you don’t want to. It’s just what I have been chewing on lately.

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