Born with A Nomadic Soul…

…and the urge to wander is always there.

I have moved a fair amount in my life from on job to another for a new adventure. I like to try out new things and places. I always said I would move until somewhere felt like home and no where has yet. I am 36. Most people my age have mortgages and spouses and kids. I am not saying I want those things, I just think I am outside the norm. When I compare myself to that sometimes I feel bad. What I do have is a life full of adventure. My worst fear was never trying anything new and always living within 20 minutes of where I grew up. It’s cool for those who want that, but I personally can’t imagine it. It’s so limiting on your life experience. I wonder if I will ever not have the urge to wander and move. Maybe never. But I am not upset about that. It is simply who I am. Maybe I was nomadic in a prior life hahaha.

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