Audible with Andrea…

… To Sir Phillip, With Love by Julia Quinn

The Bridgerton Saga Continues

This has been one of my favorites of the series which surprised me. Eloise hasn’t been one of my favorite characters (in the show) so I didn’t have super high hopes. I really enjoyed it though. It seemed more real and less fantasy, love and lust at first sight, of the other books. I do think Marina got the shit end of the stick on this one. I know they didn’t know much about mental illness int he 1800’s but they didn’t give her one redeemable quality really. Even in the epilogue it seems like her daughter is happy Marina died and Eloise was her mother. I don’t think that was entirely fair. But I enjoyed Phillip’s character a lot. He is flawed and aware of that. He worries about his flaws but sometimes takes the easier path like we all do sometimes. He felt more real and less princely then the other men in the series. Their issues with each other are pretty typical of a real relationship – just being different people learning to live together. No one was of ‘inferior birth’ or anything like that which is typical of love stories set in the time. Overall, I enjoyed it. Excited to get to know Francesca more in the next book.

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