Waves of Pain…

….that’s what breakups are.

One minute you’re okay and the next a wave of sadness and missing the other person washes over you. You’re just waiting for the wave recede. For the fresh reminder and pain to wash back out. That’s where I’m at. Waiting for the wave to wash back out. That heavy feeling on your chest. Pain in your heart. I know your heart is just the thing in your chest that pumps blood and keeps you alive and the pain is manifesting there because that’s where your head and society tells you the physical pain to accompany the emotional pain should be.

Even when you saw the end coming for you, it never feels good to be dumped. love lost is always sad. Especially when the love existing was never the problem. The love was there on both ends. Knowing how to fight and matching wants in life didn’t seem to be. We tried to change each other too much. Doesn’t make it any less painful if I’m honest. Still have that wave of memory and pain washing over me. I suppose that means it was a relationship worth having. One to carry in a piece of your heart. Timing really is everything.

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