Role Models in the Public Eye


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

She is AMAZING and I hope to see her name on a presidential ballot one day. She is real and tells it like it is. She is open and honest in everything but I especially enjoy her answering questions on Instagram. She answers all kinds of questions – even horribly rude ones. Her method of fundraising is to be admired – she doesn’t waste all her time ensuring she has large funder for the following year – she has the support of her constituents and beyond. She speaks her mind and the truth despite the hate and shade slung her way.

She is the youngest woman to be elected to the House on 10% of the budget of her opponent and she WON! Maybe money can’t buy everything? Everyone seemed to underestimate her…I hope they have learned their lesson. She is going to do big amazing things and I can’t wait to support them.

My favorite part of the last article – “What really seems to rankle Republicans is that AOC is, quite simply, very effective at her job. AOC is a small-dollar donation-raising powerhouse. When the Texas power grid froze and Ted Cruz went to Mexico on vacation, AOC raised nearly $5 million for those affected.”

Here are some interesting articles on her.


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