Can You Ever Truly Be Friends…

…with an Ex?

TV has been exploring this topic for awhile. How I Met Your Mother (Ted, Robin, Barney), Sex and City (Carrie/Big – Steve/Miranda). The common thread here seems to be that even trying their hardest all these character are never really friends. There is an underlying tension and feeling. So can you truly be friends with an ex? I have never really done it before. I am trying to now, but it’s really fresh and there are definitely still under lying feelings (on my end anyway – can’t speak for him). I still have this strong urge to be there for him though. It’s a weird battle of wills. Be there for someone you care about without risking your heart, head and peace (ok well peace ish). Is it possible? Is it wise? What do you all think? It’s risky. I have never been able to do it successfully before. I don’t know. I just don’t know.

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