How Long Can This Possibly Last…

…the stomach issues brought on by COVID.

I have no had stomach issues since April. I am no stranger to stomach issues – been most of my life. But this has turned to the most consistent, chronic issue. It will give a break every once in awhile but always seems to return. I am starving – take three bites – and nauseatingly not hungry. Like can’t put another bite in my mouth. What I do manage to get down give me digestive distress most of the time. Maybe it’s what I am eating as well – maybe it’s age. But my biggest link is COVID linger symptom. Which I am pretty sure no one can really do anything about. So I suppose just to live with it it my choice. I have small snacks – which isn’t that different then I always ate. But the starving feeling turns quickly to overwhelmingly full. It’s not the worst problem but it’s annoying.


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