Dipping My Toes Back Into…

…the dating pool.

I went on my first first date in almost 3.5 years on Sunday. Overall it was pretty fun. We wound up hanging out for like 7 hours. I don’t know if it will go anywhere but it was a good first foray back into the dating pool (even the the pool is shallow and full of pee). I kept thinking – I wonder if he likes me (he was a little confusing with signals) and then I realized it – does it matter? It was one date why was I giving if someone I just met liked me so much thought. My mind has been pretty peaceful since that realization. I was really nervous before though – like sick to my stomach nervous. It was just so weird being on a date with someone that wasn’t him. I am glad it turned out well though. Hopefully they continue along that line. Although why do all these guys want to the predominant topic of conversation to be sex like all the time. Yeah sex it great but shit men we just started talking and you don’t even know my last name – I don’t wanna talk about kinks and fantasies and other stuff like that yet – I don’t even know you. Believe it or not we are not all dying to have your dick inside us before we’ve even met in person mmmmmk. Just talk like a normal person. That message is to dudes in general btw – my date was actually very polite – mostly.

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